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At Children’s Kingdom, we support children in underprivileged communities by providing them with their basic needs like food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education. We’re on a mission to give these children a future of hope instead of despair. As a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the dark side effects of poverty, we believe children are the answer to the future.



The Children’s Kingdom is a non-profit organization that focuses on children’s charity services for the underprivileged children of the world. Established in 2022, we’re passionate about giving children the hope and opportunity that all kids deserve in life. We provide for their basic needs so that they can flourish when they’re faced with life’s opportunities.

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Poverty can be debilitating, but The Children’s Kingdom is on a mission to provide a way out.

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We can’t run our organization without your help. When you donate, you directly benefit children in need across the globe and create a new future for them.


Where Your Donation Goes

As a non-profit that targets children from all areas of the globe, we are primarily focused on the Dominican Republic, where our founder, Camila Kendra, is from. Camila founded the organization built on the mission and belief that all children deserve a bed, shelter, food, access to healthcare, and education. We’re driven by the belief that together, we can help children escape the challenges of poverty.


Food and Water

We ensure all children have access to clean water and nutritious meals as we feed children through charity work.



As a children’s housing charity, we provide shelter for all children, regardless of orphan status.



As a children’s clothing charity, we provide form-fitting clothes and shoes to wear, because many children don’t have the proper clothes and shoes that fit them.


Medical Care

As a children’s medical care charity, We cover the costs of medical expenses for children as they face untreated illnesses.



As a children’s education charity, we provide the means for children to attend school, and in cases when there’s no school available, we will raise the funds to create one.


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