About Us

Every child deserves clean water, healthy food, and a bed to sleep in.

While on a trip to Africa in 2020, renowned fashion model Camila Kendra discovered that children were suffering from a severe lack of resources. The pain she witnessed prompted her to create The Children’s Kingdom Foundation. Beginning in the country of her origin, The Dominican Republic, she later branched out and began helping children around the world.

We believe that every single child needs a support system. If it takes a village, The Children’s Kingdom is that village. We work hard to ensure that they have hope and opportunity, and meet their basic needs. We’re a global team that cares about children and their future. Taking action is what we do best so that children may fulfill their highest potential on this planet.

We also believe that every child deserves to go to bed on a full stomach, live peacefully and healthily, and be supported and loved. When children are raised in a loving, healthy, educated, safe environment, the whole community flourishes.

As an organization of advocates, we’re on a mission to allow children the space to be free and play, learn, grow and explore their lives as they’re meant to. Our mission motivates us to seek help and donations from the world to support children facing extreme poverty that no human being should ever have to deal with. We love connecting children with resources, people, and institutions that can help them overcome the challenges in their lives. We all need each other. And that’s what drives us to give back.

Helping Children Around The World

We’re here to provide basic needs to children in poverty.

Our Founder

Our founder was inspired to create change by the poverty she witnessed on a trip to Africa. With her roots in the Dominican Republic, and witnessing the poverty there as well, she decided to take action. Now, with The Children’s Kingdom Foundation, we are dedicated to ending child hunger and providing shelter, education, and basic needs for children around the world.

Become A Volunteer

It’s possible to help children around the world, but only with your help.

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