When you start writing a blog post, do you ever wonder how to structure it well? Maybe you want to try a popular type of blog post, but you don’t know where to start. Or, you have a hard time building a good post from scratch.

Try one of these downloadable and copy/paste blog post templates for your next WordPress post. Follow their lead to write a blog post that covers the most important points in its genre. I’ll teach you how to use each one to its greatest potential, too.

In this article:

How to use these blog post templates

These templates will provide structure for popular types of blog posts. They work like pre-made blog post outlines for you to fill in.

However, you can always modify these templates as you’d like when it makes sense. Think of them as starting points instead of strict guidelines you need to follow.

As you get used to a template, you’ll get a hang of the mindset you need to take on for each type of post. You can then combine that approach with your brand or content goals, making the template truly your own.

Before you write a blog post using one of these templates, read through our article on writing a blog post. It’ll help you understand how to write good introductions, conclusions, and headers. Our post on formatting blog posts will teach you how to modify your template while meeting best practices.

1. How-to blog post template

A how-to blog post is a blog post that teaches the reader how to do something. This template walks the reader through a step-by-step process. Most how-to blog posts have a headline that begins with the phrase “How to,” making them straightforward to title.

Tips for writing a how-to blog post

How-to blog posts are often organized in steps. If you can break down your subject into individual steps, make those steps the subheaders of your post, like in our template. This approach makes your post easier to navigate and helps search engines understand your content.

As you explain how to do the task described in your blog post, consider your target reader. Are they completely new to the topic, or do they have prior experience with similar tasks? Their previous knowledge should influence how much you explain certain steps.

When you’re unsure about your reader’s experience level, be descriptive. Just because you know what something means or how to do something doesn’t mean your reader knows.

Images can help you illustrate the steps you describe in your writing. Use an Image block in WordPress to share a screenshot or high-quality photo showing off your process.